Actual reviews from happy clients:

“I’ll be honest, I don’t think I had ever needed an attorney for anything. When I did, Allegra and Kathryn not only listened to the details of my case but advised me far before I ever hired them. They always answered my questions or concerns quickly and professionally throughout the entirety of my case. Even responded to weekend text messages, during their days off. I suffer from severe anxiety but they made the process just so much easier for me to deal with.  I not only felt very good but very confident about every piece of advice they gave me. In the end, it helped my case tremendously and I have already recommended a few friends to them. I will never ever forget what they did for me in my desperate time of need. I will always be forever grateful for them believing in my case enough to help me.” (G.C.)



“When Greer & Rineer took our case, it seemed like a lost cause. We had been working pro-bono at the time, using some of our own members to assist our slandered priest fight an up hill battle. They worked tirelessly to help us find and achieve justice in a very difficult area. Many other attorneys would not venture to help a church that was in the middle of a legal battle for its property and church buildings. We even had judges that were confused by the corporate versus religious issues and did not want to even rule on the case due to their fear that they would be overruled in appeal (which some were). Not only did they help us achieve legal victory in the property rights case, we were able to be reunited with our church property. Now, we can complete our religious mission to be of service to God.  Our case is very involved. We won the primary case, which is the key to final victory. We still have 4 more to go. I am so pleased that we engaged Kathryn and Allegra to represent us. Our 3 and one half year saga is soon coming to an end. We look forward to total victory.” (S.H.)



“Allegra Rineer is an excellent example of a young, competent lawyer that I found easy to talk to. I met Allegra and her partner for the first time to discuss our case’s background and what our case strategy would be. They met me at a location that was convenient for me, but at some distance for them. It demonstrated great courtesy and thoughtfulness. Allegra inspired great confidence in our ability to prevail in an extremely long, complicated case. She was undaunted. During our trial she gave me counsel on how to conduct myself in the witness stand and assured me throughout the process. The entire law profession is enriched by this young woman and her associate. Should I require legal advice or representation in the future I will contact her without hesitation. She has my highest endorsement.” (M.L.)



“My experience with Greer and Rineer was more than excellent! These ladies handled business plain and simple. They not only helped me win a settlement from my shady ex-landlord but, they also helped me thwart some discrimination at my workplace in a separate matter. The professionalism, the respect for the law, and attention to detail at Greer and Rineer is insurmountable and I will always be grateful for their hard work. Thanks so much ladies!” (J.M.)



“Kathryn Greer represents a high level of professionalism combined with knowledge of the law. Her willingness to undertake our case, with only a promise of future payment, is one example of her commitment to justice. She was easy to contact, always kind in her responses and it was her voice that told me of our initial, but important legal victory. Kathryn went out of her way to be supportive and understanding. She was a source of comfort for me personally when I was going through the ordeal of being on the witness stand. Should I need legal representation in the future I would not hesitate to contact her.” (A.L.)


These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.