Case Results

Recent Case Results

  • 2017: Doe v. Fullerton School District – Childhood Sexual Abuse Settlement: 3.25 Million

In 2017, Greer & Rineer, along with co-counsel, reached a global settlement of $3,250,000 on behalf of three boys sexually abused by their 8th grade female math teacher, Melissa Lindgren. 

  • 2015: Los Angeles Superior Court- Bench Trial: Judgment for Plaintiff

In 2015, Greer & Rineer successfully litigated a three day bench trial in Los Angeles Superior Court.  The case had been previously tried with judgment for the defendant, reversed after a successful appeal by former counsel, and remanded for trial. Greer & Rineer tried the corporate law issues on remand, resulting in judgment being entered for their clients.  

  • 2016: Los Angeles Superior Court- Elder Abuse/Medical Negligence Settlement: $367,500

In 2016, Greer & Rineer, along with co-counsel, reached a mediation settlement of $367,500 on behalf of their client against a skilled nursing facility.  Plaintiff alleged that she was inappropriately touched at her private parts, without permission, by a nurse at a skilled nursing facility. Defense contended that the touching was part of a routine “body check”. Plaintiff claimed that the negligent touching ignited memories of childhood sexual abuse and caused her emotional pain and suffering. Additionally, Plaintiff’s husband brought a loss of consortium cause of action.

  • 2016: Los Angeles Superior Court- Motion for Summary Judgment: Granted in Favor of Client

In 2016, Greer & Rineer, successfully argued a Motion for Summary Judgment, resulting in a dismissal of the entire action against Defendant client.  The lawsuit had been pending against their client for 4 1/2 years.



Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result.